About Huckleberry Falls
The township of Huckleberry has fallen into chaos. Undead roam freely and a sinster cult seek to bring on the end of the world.

A match puzzle game with RPG elements. Set in a post apocalyptic world where survivors must band together.

Use a full arsenal of weapons and explosives as you journey to put an end to the fall of Huckleberry.

Key Features
  • A new match 3 mechanic that combines Tetris like shapes with Bomberman blasts

  • Charge up your amulets of power to unleash devastating spells

  • 100+ handcrafted levels of zombie blasting fun

  • Master 8 game modes as you journey to find the origin of the outbreak

  • Battle fearsome bosses for big rewards

  • Rescue survivors each with unique talents that can be tailored to your playstyle

  • Compete against your friends and earn your way onto the leader boards

Fact Sheet
Developer: Fatcat Games; Vancouver, Canada

Release Date: Q1 2018

Availability: Steam

Website: http://www.fatcatgames.com/huckleberryfalls/

Price: Pending

ESRB: T for teen 12+

Press Contact: pr@fatcatgames.com

Social: Twitter, Facebook, Youtube,


Steam Trailer

Uploaded December 2017.

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Gameplay Trailer

Uploaded November 2016.

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Dev Commentary: Overrun Levels

Overrun levels explained by Fatcat Games artist Justin Gaylie!

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Dev Commentary: Battle with Gorm the Destroyer

Fatcat Games artist Justin Gaylie takes on Gorm the Destroyer!

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IRX16 Game Exhibit

Jashinya, Rev, and Tekk from Indie Game Riot talk about Bombs'n Zombies.

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IRX16 Live Gameplay

The guys at Indie Game Riot try out Bombs'n Zombies for the first time.

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